Raksha Bandhan 2016 Date

18 August, Tuesday 2016

Raksha Bandhan also called Rakhi Festival

Annual Festival Celebrating Brothers and Sisters to Take Place Tuesday August 18

Rakhi 2016

Raksha Bandhan Ceremony Time = 05:55 AM to 02:56 PM
Duration = 9 Hours 01 Mins
Aparahan Time Raksha Bandhan Muhurat = 01:42PM to 02:56 PM
Duration = 1 Hour 14 Mins

Raksha Bandhan Bhadra got over before Sunrise
Purnima Tithi Begins = 04:27 PM on 17th August 2016
Purnima Tithi Ends = 02:56 PM on 18th August 2016

When is Raksha Bandhan

Thusday, August 18
Raksha Bandhan 2016

Rakhi Celebration in India Raksha Bandhan in United States of America Raksha Bandhan in UK Raksha Bandhan Australia Raksha Bandhan in Singapore Raksha Bandhan Germany Raksha Bandhan in Canada.

During the Raksha Bandhan festival, which is set for Saturday, sisters tie rakhis on their brothers’ wrists to celebrate their relationship and love. It is observed by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs communities.

raksha bandhan
Rakhi Celebration, is a sacred thread which ties up the siblings’ hearts with an immaculate bond of love and care. The festival of Rakhi salutes the notion of selfless adulation, amity and heartfelt affection. It is a perfect way of defining auspicious relationships. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration honoring the brotherly love and sisterly feelings.

Rakhsha Bandhan or Rakhi have a mythological essence. Yamuna was the sister of Lord Yama, the God of death. On every “Shravana Purnima”, according to the Hindu Calender, Yamuna used to tie a sacred thread (Rakhi) to Lord Yama. Since then, it has become a tradition of sisters tying a Rakhi on their brothers’ wrist on this day. In return, the brothers bestow blessings on their sisters and promise to protect them from all the problems and difficulties that they might ever face. The festival of Rakhi also has significant mark in the pages of history.

With the passage of time, the world has witnessed a towering transition. In a similar note, the way of felicitating occasions and celebrating festivity has changed a lot. On a contemporary platform, people’s way of vocalization has got a much more confident touch, with a polished look. From diaries to word-pads, from telephones to i-phones, from playgrounds to playstations, from shops to shopping malls, the world is moving fast and changing for the good. And in the ramifying aura of modernization, everyone nests an aspiration to be in sync with the fast pace of the day.

With time, the concept of commemorating the joyous juncture of Rakhi festival has undergone a transformation. In the ancient times, especially in the Vedic period of the Indian history, Raksha Bandhan has been a symbolization of amity, assurance and trust. Raksha Bandhan has not only been a festival to celebrate relationships, its a festival which maintains cordiality and amity between different segments of the society. Its a celebration which is above all race, caste, color and creed. The prosperous thread of eternal love and trust joins two hearts and binds two souls.

For sisters, Raksha Bandhan is an occasion that brings supreme pleasure as she physically applies Tilak on her brother’s forehead, take his Arti and tie a rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist. She prays to the Almighty to protect her dear brother from all odds and adversities in life. The brothers in turn promises to protect his sister and support her in every phase of her life. The exchange of this wonderful feeling between the brother and sister on Raksha Bandhan salutes the sacredness of their relationship and re-strengthen the inseparable bond shared between them.

Even in the recent times, celebration of the Rakhi festival is beyond factors such as caste systems, religious issues, haves and have-not differences and other such boundaries. The way of celebrating this auspicious juncture has gone through a rapid diversification. From raksha bandhan the festival has transited its name to rakhi in recent times. From conventional ways and traditions the festival is gradually getting a contemporary touch and a cosmopolitan essence. The way of gifting and actualizing the ideas has gone through massive metamorphosis. From simple rakhis to gorgeous diamond studed rakhi bands, from hand made greeting cards to electronic texts, from earthen diyas to elegant electronic lamps, from home made sweets to branded chocolates, the festival has witnessed a huge transformation with the growing pace of time.

Due to the contemporary career commitments, many of us have to travel abroad.Today, with the rapid advancements in the field of technology and world wide web, sending gifts through internet has become the latest craze of the day! Herein, the concept of gifting has witnessed a towering transition. The way of felicitating an auspicious moment and celebrating a carnival have experienced a massive transition. Now a days, the emergence of e-commerce businesses have helped people round the globe. A host of e-shopping and e-gifting websites have emerged to erase the national boundaries that separates two loving hearts. It is the keen endeavor of this online portal to connect the global Indians to their native roots in India. Sending gifts and Rakhi to USA or to any corner of the globe is no more a objection.

Lateral distances created by national boundaries is no more a hindrance in the flow of emotions and tranquil feelings. Its very easy to transmit the heartfelt feelings in any corner of the world within a few moments. Even if your brother is separated from the native roots by the contemporary pace of time, its no more a problem to actualize your ardent urge.

Raksha Bandhan 2015

So want to know When is Rakhi in 2016? Well the auspicious day falls on August 29th.

Be it be Rakhi 2016 or Raksha Bandhan 2016, the auspicious occasion is always celebrated with full vigour and joy. The elegance of the occasion may be redefined by the ultramodern touch of the festivity. Though, the attitude of celebrating the auspicious juncture has witnessed a rapid diversification but still the prosperity and plenteousness of the festival has been preserved by its traditional values. So Send Rakhi to USA and make the prosperousness be felt across seas.

Rakhi Purnima

Raksha Bandhan 2016 is a celebration of significance for Hindus. A pledge to ensure the privilege and equity in the general public is tackled this celebration day.

The celebration falls on the full-moon day in the month of Shrawan by Hindu calendar and in the month of August as indicated by English calendar. Downpours cool the air. Moon light gives a charming and quiet environment.

In the times passed by Brahmins, sages and soothsayers who were tame physically however rationally solid, were dependably needing insurance from the physical risk. Kshatriyas were, the defenders of the entire society. They were constantly prepared to utilize their sword in assurance of the feeble and savvy. Masters, all around red Brahmins and men of withdrawals used to tie a blessed string on the wrists of lords, bold and solid men. This string, tied by the scholarly individuals, is an image of gift and promise to their life and wellbeing. This string constantly reminded the rulers and the valiant to ensure the individuals who tied it on their wrists. It worked as a wellbeing shield, gave them quality and propelled to ensure frail and maintain right and equity in the general public.

At present the Pundits and Purohits tie on the wrists of nobles rich and solid. Consequently they get some cash, garments or some other delight.

Raksha Bandhan festival

This custom of asking insurance, amid Muslim attack moved to lady people. The family unit lady tied the blessed string called Rakhi the person who secures, on the wrists of their siblings. Presently, this string is essentially as image of sibling sister relationship. It is attached to the wrist of sibling by sister. The sibling takes the promise to ensure her unobtrusiveness, chastity and life. History tells that Humayun shielded Rani Karnavati of Mewar from the intrusion of Shersha Suri when he got Rakhi string from Karnavati. Consistently this celebration helps us to remember unadulterated and devout connection in the middle of sibling and sister. Endowments from the heart of sister to the wellbeing and prosperity of her sibling are placed in this string. That is the reason this “Raksha Bandhan” have significance and virtue.

One day before celebration, something in yellow or red is attracted the house which is called ‘sona’. For this event Milk pudding with rice (Khir) and vermicelli (Semai) are cooked. These things are offered to sona and Rakhi. After the love, the sisters in the house attach Rakhi string to wrists of siblings and apply tilak to their temple. Siblings gave to the sisters cash or garments or both as indicated by the limit and longing. At that point all the relatives sit together to eat pucca sustenance cooked by the woman of the house alongside sevai and khir. Grain ears developed for this event in an earthen pot are likewise given by sister to the siblings and rest they drench in the streams or lakes.

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of solid ensuring the feeble. It is the most critical celebration to remind the sibling sister relationship to the entire world. Each sibling ought to feel pleased and take pledge to ensure his sisters.